Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"my secret shame" with a little random crap at the end.

My husband started a WoW account shortly after we started dating.  If you have no clue what I'm talking about, congratulations and move along.  Nothing to see. here. folks. 

He claims he started playing this online role-playing game because I uttered some such something about needing "space" and him doing other things while I did my own thing etc. blah-de-blah and whatnot.  I don't remember this conversation, but that's neither here nor there.  My story continues...

A year later we are in a serious relationship and living together.  I was in classes at "the University" and he was working his way to stardom at his current company who shall not be named, but has a lot to do with software and computery shit.  (It's a software company and you surely have it's products in use on your computer.)  I'm only telling you this because it pertains to my story.  JG is a huge nerd.  You can say it, it doesn't hurt his feelings because A) he's aware of his nerdiness B) he's hot.  

So where were we? Nerd boyfriend, true love, living together in pre-wedded bliss.  Except about a year has given him plenty of time to "level" his character(s) on WoW and now he's nothing short than officially and unabashedly addicted to a game where millions of people all interact on the internet as magical beings such as goblins and elves and have powers like warlocks or high-priests and shit and they have to coordinate meetings to complete quests and defeat mortal enemies. 

Did I mention that at this point there may have been sad collections of fast-food cups littering his desk and on some occasions he did a lot of "working" from home?  In pajamas? Yelling, "heal, heal" and "just keep casting your nerd spell" into a little headset to friends he met in the game? No? Oh. 

Not a pretty picture.  So I did what any girlfriend would do when she finds herself watching Big Brother alone on the couch in dusty lingerie.   I told him I was going to dump him if he kept playing.  So he stopped, but that's not the end of the thingie. 

Over the last six years he's played on and off again randomly and I've dipped my toe in the "WoW widow" pool for weeks at a time, but there was always light at the end of those little tunnels.  We got married three years ago and he's climbed his way up the big-software-company's ladder quite high leaving little room for much more than family time and sleep.  He's still a nerd.  And still turning on the computer to visit various realms and seek out old friends still playing the game religiously.  

But either I'm too tired to care or I'm okay with it.  I even recently joked about maybe playing too.  You know... so we could run around in magical-nerd-land together.  (If you can't beat em....right?)  This is sorta what his face looked like when I made the silly suggestion...

cute, right?
(and look at my arm and boob...nice) 

Anyhoo.... this is where my long story gets short. 

He pays for my account.  I'm a level 21 Blood Elf Priest.  Last week he bought me a Celestial Steed to ride around Silvermoon City and the Dead Scar.  Don't judge me, this is as close as I'll ever get to having a real unicorn. And the only reason you're getting this post right now is because the site is down for regular updating maintenance until three o'clock.  

Now I know how all those Play Station people feel recently. (Shout-out to Tammie and her kiddo right HERE.)

I need to download livewriter to this laptop. This posting in blogger is for the birds. 

And finally:  get this baby outta me. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

don’t get excited

it’s just me posting a few photos of myself.  in the ten minutes it took me to set up, shoot, and upload these shots…

sam hit ladybug with a ruler, pulled almost an entire box of tissues out of the box, brushed the cat’s head with a barbie brush and sang a duet with cadence on the karaoke machine that made my ears melt off.  (i didn’t include the melty-ear shots. you’re welcome)







If you have any guesses when it will come and what sort of bits it will have down there…feel free to entertain me.  Whatever it is, it will have to make due with a pack of white onsies and some snap-front shirts.  That should get me through the first few days, right?

Miss you guys.