Monday, September 22, 2008

stepping on top of the dog-

that’s not good taking care, I tell them
you yelling at me that way.

and the laughs they do make me madder
I huff and puff my chest up
arms crossed tightly

if I wouldn’t get into trouble for slamming my door
I would do it,
I would do it.

nobody even LIKES me!
I say it loud
the door won’t keep in my feelings.
I want them to know my heart hurts
my bones don’t keep out invisible monster-words.

I stomp a pile of crayons on the floor
then gather them up into their box
so nobody sees the broken pieces.

quietly I sit criss-cross
i’m sorry.
someone will come soon.
when they scoop me up and bring a tissue,
Now that
is good taking care.

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