Thursday, December 18, 2008


7:30 am - Cover head with pillow while the Mr. showers and gets ready for work. Sleeping in today while the ladybug's dad brings her to school. Sweet.

8:40 am- Emerge from pillow cave to kiss Mr. adios and let the little dog back under the covers.

8:40- 10:30 am- pretend to sleep since actual sleep is out of the question.

10:35am- bagel with cream cheese and hard boiled egg with salt. skip the olive "sprinkles" on the bagel just in case it all doesn't stay down. it's not worth the effort of chopping the olives if i'm just going to flush 'em in ten minutes anyway, right?

11:00am- weigh myself (!) , shower, gag over the toilet/brush teeth, maternity pants it up and pink striped tank top feels me sassy. a little makeup and i'm a pretty hot pregnant chick. not too bad.

11:45am- Convince ladybug that lunch will be more exciting than five more minutes on the school playground.

11:46am- Think of something "fun" for lunch.

12:00 noon- Settle for tacos and a cheese quesadilla from Tijuana Flats and play up the temporary tatoo that comes with the kid's meal...oooh funnnn.

1:00pm- Wander around Target trying to remember what was on the list left on the counter at home. Contents of cart: lint shaver, birthday card, dvd, christmas gift for aunt j, and some brownie doo-dads for tomorrow's dance christmas party.

1:15pm- Peel myself up off the floor at the register...$107? Was my lint shaver made of gold??

2:00-3:30pm- Decorate Christmas tree, hang stockings from Ikea shelf, clean mystery goo from certain ornaments, spend wayy too long "shaving" the tree skirt.

3:30pm- Snack time. Use two for you, five for me technique for serving peanutbutter sandwich crackers. I'm bigger, that's why.

4:00pm- Check email, facebook, myspace, friends' blogs...realize people actually come to this blog every now and then.

4:15pm- Stare at blank blog post page waiting for inspiration.

4:18pm- Cadence flings pink paint into my hair and on the computer screen from her all too close easel.

4:19pm- Move easel two feet from desk. Leave paint in hair. I need an updated look anyway.

present time: Feeling sorry for anyone who read this far. I promise next post will be more creative.

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