Wednesday, November 17, 2010

just three little things

I’m just pregnant enough to need a stash of meat sticks in my glove box, but not pregnant enough to have shed my inhibitions and be caught actually eating one.  Which is why I put wayyy too much effort into looking as if i was searching for something on the floorboards of my sweet new minivan while snapping into my slim-jim. 


Look at Sam.


I knowwww!

Now go check out Mother Falcon t-shirt company and create a shirt for yourself.



Is it too much to ask for a blue gummy bear?  Curse you, HARIBO!


Molly said...

god he's gorgeous! set the bar pretty high for this next one ;)

MaryAnne said...

Yep, he's gorgeous.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

My goodness he is right out of a magazine Stephanie.
I want to squeeze him. Actually makes my ovaries hurt. :-)

Courtney said...

You are hilarious! I'm excited to read more of your posts :) Your little boy is so handsome! He's gonna be a heart-breaker :) And you have a second heart-breaker on the way...congrats! :)

Michelloui said...

Love the slim jim cover up, ha!

And what a GORGEOUS little boy!!!

Brooke said...

He's beautiful! My husband and I were just talking about "double salami." Equally embarrassing sticks of meat - pregnant or not.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! It's ok to eat meat sticks in your car without bending down looking like you are searching for something. Unless of course, you are actually searching for some cheese to go with it.

mysite said...

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Teachinfourth said...

Wait, what's wrong with Slim Jims?

--ginger. said...

Dear Stephanie,

I know you are pregnant. I know that Christmas was only 30 seconds ago and that you probably still have old ham in your fridge that you are trying to figure out how to fricasse. I know you are busy, worn out and pulled in 82 directions every day.

But here's the thing: you just must post. You just must. Lots and lots of people have blogs, but there are only a few that make me really really laugh. And yours does. So, please, Stephanie--come back! Keep posting!

There's every chance that the writing will actually make all the other crazy stuff better for you. And this, of course, is maybe only true of me but might also be true of you.

Happy New Year also.


A Reader.

Anonymous said...

Checking in to see if your surviving the morning sickness...