Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I don't have anything good to say. Don't read this.

Aw, you're a true bloggy friend. And you're just like my kids in the fact that you don't listen. Pshht.

I know you all miss me terribly since my weird, undeclared blogging hiatus. So I wanted to take a few minutes to explain. And since I'm too lazy busy to compose a real excuse post, here's a list of things I'm doing instead of blogging.

1. eating two potatoes worth of potato salad I made without egg or celery because I didn't have those things handy or was too lazy busy to add them

2. every day at about ten am I have to get the magic eraser out and scrub pencil off the kitchen table because there isn't a big enough piece of paper to adequately capture sam's creativity and he insists on using a standard no.2 just like his sister does to do his "homework".

3. spending wayy too many minutes trying to get up off of the floor after sitting on it for reasons such as the following: scraping cheese off the floor, reaching colored pencils under the table, pretending to be a cat, resting, hugging my dog, and changing a diaper.

4. taking photographs of the number one (and two and three) reason why i don't blog as much anymore:

5. possibly playing epic mickey on wii. Ladybug begs me to play so she can watch. I do it for the kids.

6. chucking poop bombs into the field behind my house so i step in them when i walk into the field instead of in when i walk in my yard.

7. reading and commenting on other peoples' fabulous blogs. i seriously should put a whole day's worth of comments on my own blog and see how much content i'd have.

8. stepping in dog crap. this type of accident really does eat up about thirty minutes of my would-be blog time. when you consider scraping the shoe, hosing off the shoe, then hosing off the kid that steps in the stepped in poo and his shoes. rinse and repeat...

9. watching the bachelor because i don't care what you think of me. that shit is whaaaack.

10. eating salt-n-pepper pistachios. oh lord these are good.

And when you take into consideration that this is just a portion of my day all in one big post, you'll really get the bigger picture. Blogging is just that thing I think about doing a hundred times a day, but it's never handy enough to get done. I miss it, I do. I miss having thoughts typed out into the world for people to read or not read and comment or not comment on. Maybe when my kids are three. Four? I'll get some time. You guys will be around still, right?

In the mean time. I'm reading. I promise. You know who you are.


MaryAnne said...

Guess I don't listen =)

I tried to use magic eraser to clean off my table, but it just doesn't take pen out of the grooves in the wood very well. Guess that's what I get for buying a soft pine IKEA table... And guess that's WHY I bought the soft pine IKEA table!

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Haha. MaryAnne, I have an IKEA table, too. It's pine and formica, though so the top wipes pretty easily.

I might just wear a hole in the formica, though. He just insists on using a pencil!

Sarah P said...

You're life is so full. Of poop.

Will Burke said...

I hear ya; I've taken 3-4 days to write a post, 'cause I could only squeeze in 5-10 minutes here & there. If I didn't have the Netbook to tote around, I'd be lost.

fine little mess said...

you always make me smile. thank you.

Organic Meatbag said...

Wait, you're chucking your OWN poop bombs??? If that is what you're doing, that's epic...like, Snow Monkey epic!