Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sometimes I'm Sharice

This is what I dreamed about when I dreamed about cool stuff:

"Riding along in my golf cart I pass a giant truck full of pink cases. They're the secret agent metallic metal, lots of locks, even Top Secret written on the outside. They're all different sizes.
Hmmm...I'm thinking I'd love to have what ever is in them, so I take a look around. Nobody's in sight. I casually putt on by in my golf-cart (no pun intended), reach my arm out, swipe the biggest one on the top. Putting the pedal to the metal I skid away.
What's this? Oh no! The truck is right on my tail and there are angry foreign men hanging out of the cab toting large automatic weapons! I'm doomed.
Of course, it doesn't take long for them to catch up to me in my cart...I'm apprehended in every sense of the word.
When they take the pink case back and throw it in their's FBI locks are jarred open to reveal the secret contents!
Aha! It's a Barbie prototype. This doll's amazing! I can't remember what makes her so spectacular...but she was truly fantastic judging by the look on my face.
I'm still doomed. I'm lead to a dark, damp room somewhere far away from dream Barbie. The armed men are speaking Johillawoost (that's their language) and I can only pick up on a few words here and there.
"uncovered secret", "how's my hair", "let's shoot her" and "how do you like your Barbie stealer..Fried or boiled?"
They lead me down hallways until we come to an opening in the concrete wall. They point inside with their guns and say, "fosh". (Johillawoost for get in there and suffer you Barbie-stealing wench.)
I poke my head in the little opening and look around. Not so bad. It doesn't look like a "pit". Three gray, concrete walls. I look back before stepping inside to see the men eating bananas and laughing with their chewed food exposed.
"Ick," i say. They shove me inside.
I sit. Within seconds I realize why this place was dubbed "the pit" by the Barbie holders. The opening to the tiny room has vanished...soundlessly, I am enclosed by an escapeless room. A pit. There are four walls now, a floor and a ceiling. I'm in a cement box.
I close my eyes and try to sleep. I keep thinking, "If you ever get out of here, Sharice, don't ever steal another pink metallic Top Secret box."
I must've fallen asleep...when I woke up I was in a bed, and not in a box at all. I still wished I had the fantasmic Barbie, though. Just so I could brush it's hair."

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