Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can, Will, Is, Why, When?

Here are all the questions I can remember being asked yesterday in paragraph form because listing them all would make your finger numb from scrolling.



Mommy? Can I read the back of the cereal box? Can I be done with my breakfast? Can we listen to my Between the Lions CD? Can we go to the pool today? Can I unbuckle my seatbelt? Can you call Shorty’s mom and see if she can come with us to the pool? Can we go to the pool? Can I have a drink? Can I have a snack? Can I have something besides cantaloupe? Is it possible to trade silly bands underwater? Can we trade our silly bands under the water in the pool? Why can’t we go to the pool? Does Sam have to take a nap right now? When he is done can we go to the pool? Can I have a granola bar? Can flamingos stand on two legs or just the one? Can you call Daddy and tell him I wrote him a book? Will you call and see when my mom is coming to pick me up? Can we go outside? Can we come inside? Can we make a fort? Can I skate in my socks? Do you know how to count by fives? Can I have gum? Can T-man have gum? Can we spit out our gum now? Why can’t we go to the pool? When is Sam going to be done napping? Can we go back outside? Can I have another snack? Can we go to Target? Can I be done with dinner? Did I eat enough corn? Can I go to the pool with T-man and Shortie? Did Miss G call you about the pool? Can I have ice cream now? Will you ask them to put on rainbow sprinkles? Did they HAVE rainbow sprinkles? Daddy, will you finish my ice cream? Can we play twister? Can I have dessert? Can you sign my homework? Can we go to the pool tomorrow? Will you tuck me in?

Snacks and pool. That’s what kids think about. Oh, and flamingos.  I’m just thankful they haven’t yet asked me a question I don’t know how to answer.


Michelloui said...

Mommies are experts!

My daughter asked me once 'how do you KNOW SO MUCH?' and I was driving at the time, concentrating, and flippantly remarked 'because Im an expert.' She accepted that (she was about 6). Then she went to school and told all her friends that I was an expert. One day I was giving some kids a ride home, including one very precocious little boy, when he asked me 'is it true that you're an expert?' He was trying to embarrass my daughter, thinking she had been lying about me. I said, 'yes, its true, I am an expert.'

No one asked me what I was an expert at, so I figured I wasn't lying... ;)

Christine--RHP said...

omg--that made me want to scream just reading it. .

Will Burke said...

This certainly explains your left-eye-twitch.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. This is my life x16 kids every day. But I get to go home to the dog afterwards. So, I guess it's a toss-up.

And I often get the following, too:
Miss FabuLeslie, Miss FabuLeslie, Miss FabuLeslie, Miss FabuLeslie, Miss FabuLeslie, Miss FabuLeslie, Miss FabuLeslie, Miss FabuLeslie, Miss FabuLeslie....

Regina said...

you just wrote about what most of my day consists of. Sophias got questions, and just wait until your little guy has a million questions too. It's fantastic.. they do have pills for when your kids make your head spin.. its called xanax.. I'm not saying I take this sanity pill, but i hear it works. I just remind myself that my kids are growing and learning, and one day they will both be smarter than Albert Einstein with all these damn questions!!!

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

@Michelloui- I love when the friends try to catch Ladybug in a fib. I always play along.
We ARE experts! We should have badges.
@Christine: Go have a glass of wine.
@Will- hahaha. YESS
@Fabuleslie- I don't like other people's kids enough to do your job.
@Gina- Summer play time! Let's do it.