Monday, June 1, 2009

Big Bird and Barf Buckets

My pirate turned down pancakes for breakfast this morning and asked for just a piece of toast. And then she barfed the toast in the parking lot of That Deli in Lake Mary.

So we're in bed watching Big Bird star in one of his best films: Follow That Bird. (Chevy Chase is in it... so it has to be good, right?) The cat is trying to get in the garbage can I put next to the bed for barf and the little dog is barking furiously at Telly on the tele(vision).

A few other rad things about Follow that Bird I am discovering along the way:
Oscar drives a car named "The Sloppy Jalopy"
Big Bird's name is changed to Big Dodo when he is adopted by a family of really stupid birds.
Chevy Chase is a a news anchor and Waylon Jennings is a singing truck-driver.

Being sick right after school is out for the summer is kind of bad timing, but when you have an awesome collection of muppet DVDs...who gives a Sloppy Jalopy?


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Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

I just got spammed. See above.
And I was all excited about a new anon-reader...


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