Monday, June 1, 2009

Tid bits.

If you haven't noticed my little floating baby widget down there in a while, go look. It says 17 days remain until my due date. (insert your own emotion here, I already peed my pants)


In other news, Cadence just came out of her bathroom with one eye squinty and her finger all crooked. "Look, I'm a pirate," she squeaked and then ran to her room.


Grocery shopping today. I'm going to keep my list down to just what fits in two re-usable bags at the store. Maybe one. Depends on how cooperative my back and pirate are.


Also, this is how cute my husband is when we eat Chik-fil-a at the mall and go see Drag Me to Hell on a Saturday afternoon...

If you liked the Evil Dead movies, you'll enjoy some Drag Me to Hell. Talking goats and anvils...eyeballs popping out...the works. I laughed and screamed and hid my face in JG's shoulder.


Newsflash: It's June. Get out your bay-bin-suits and slop on the sunblock. It's time to be hot and sticky.


JG said...

I would've liked this post, but I don't care for the picture.

The Panic Room said...

I can't believe you sat thru a whole movie without getting all back sore. JG looks good in that picture.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

I had to change positions a few times, but it was not so bad. Oviedo's theater has cushy, reclining seats.

And, yeah, my husband is pretty adorable.