Monday, November 9, 2009

things you can live without knowing. but why?

Sam is teething. Or maybe I should say he's beginning the long and terribly painful process of cutting his first little baby chicklet teeth. This morning he was so incredibly pee-ohed about the whole thing that he finally just gave up and fell asleep while "biting" my collarbone.

I'm expecting a full set of baby teeth when he wakes up from his nap. I'll keep you posted. Because I know you care. You're just waiting, aren't you?


I left my favorite coffee mug in the dishwasher, which I usually never do because I use it so frequently.  I usually wash it and keep it at the ready next to the coffee pot for the next morning, but last night was super lazy sunday and I didn't do my usual cleaning up around the house stuff.  And it wouldn't be really bugging me right now except that I also left my second favorite mug in the dishwasher (which is running) to keep the first favorite company and now I'm drinking out of a lame secret santa Christmas mug.   Coffee never tasted so...meh.


Raven has been wearing the "cone of shame" now for about a week and a half.  Her feet have never been so....hairy.  The compulsive licking is limited to only a few times a day when we free her from the C.O.S for walks and when we are out of the house.  She's stopped running away from anyone wielding the cone, but continues to ram the back of my legs repetitively.  So I have bruises all over the back of my legs. Large, long ones.  Because I bruise easily and she is relentlessly following me around as usual, but now she's armed with a purple, plastic weapon. It's surprisingly sharp.

Woe, is me. And my poor calves.


I apologize for the boring post. Today I just don't feel funny. Or interesting. So. Check back again after the coffee mug issue is resolved. I should be back to my usual doofy self soon.


maryanne said...

Oh I hope your baby cuts teeth faster than mine do. If he doesn't, teething tablets have saved my sanity many times, if you haven't already tried them. No idea how they work, but they make my babies stop crying and that's all that matters.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Thanks, Maryanne. I vaguely remember trying some homeopathic tablets on Ladybug back in the day. That's a great suggestion. I forgot all about those.