Monday, November 30, 2009

When you're gone.

Tonight I'm watching television shows you'd never stop on.  And I'm staying up late with the dogs just to avoid {shutting down} and being alone on the island-sized bed.  I sneezed and nobody said {bless you}.  I cut the cheese and nobody laughed. 
You're in California and I'm not the same without you.
The toilet seat is cold every time I sit down and my underpants are lonesome on the floor of the bathroom without yours to keep them company.  I keep glancing at the alarm lights to be sure both the green AND the red are lit up.  Because you aren't here to investigate peculiar bumps in the night that end up being the cat stalking crickets.
Since you aren't here, I almost forgot my vitamin and then I really did forget to feed the fish. {I just remembered, so stop panicking. I can handle this.}
You've taken two flights today and are now two thousand eight hundred eighty-five miles away from me.
The only thing further away than you is Friday. I love you.


Octohawk said...

if it makes you feel any better, i am always about 2,400 miles away from my boyfriend, and that's when he's not traveling for work. i know, i know.. not the same as when you are married. but still.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

It is the same! But worse, if you ask me. Although, I have two children that quickly cross from cute to ohmygodshootme really fast if nobody is around to keep me sane. So. Let's call it even.

ps- Hope you find Homey!

pss- my verification word is mershi. as in "oh, mershi mershi meeee"