Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"my name needs more x's in it"

Because I can't help but be all sad and sappy when Jed's's another post nobody will thank me for when they get to the end.

Sometimes I read his old livejournal posts from when we first fell in love. Like this one:

{{when she's around, i feel like all my ends connect to something, and begin and end deliberately with hers. it all matches up.}}

Aww. It's so sweet and lovely. I can almost see the heart bubbles floating gingerly above each and every carefully chosen word. We truly dove into our love with fully clothed and holding our noses. I'm lame and lonley for lovey-poo-cakie-pie-hunny-biscuitass and I'm up late remembering the way my stomach seized up and plunged into my heart whenever he was nearby. Every kiss was like a key lime pie- tart and tangy and I wanted to lick the plate at the end. Our hearts were connected by soft, red yarn. Everywhere we were, we were connected by it. Our ears burned on hot telephones at four in the morning because we couldn't say goodbye. Our palms sweat together because we couldn't let go. His favorite smell was me and mine was him and we couldn't breathe in deeply enough.

And then there are the posts from before we met.

{{i think i want to go down to the courthouse and officially change my name to xjxexdx cause then i would be cool. so my whole name would then be, "xJxexdx xMxcxGxoxwxexnx xGxrxexsxhxaxmx".}}

And to think that if we'd met just a few months later, I could very well be Mxrxs. xSxtxexpxhxaxnxixex xMxexaxdxex xGxrxexsxhxaxmx.

I miss you, xJxexd.

ps- he comes back Friday, so you'll have to endure the mucky muck lickery goodness of my sap-sappy sloshiness until then.

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Mme Paulita said...

oh jeeeeez

I'm going to go eat some chocolate covered pretzels now and make my husband feel bad haha