Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm trying a new diet while JG is gone on business {yes AGAIN}. It's a high protein/high antioxidant diet. Okay, it's really just frozen chicken nuggets and chocolate covered raisins all day every day. Since there are raisins involved, I feel super healthy. I think I'll toss in a sweet potato with some marshmallows on top tonight for a little variation.


tonight i typed into google: {what will drinking a glass of wine do to my baby}
then deleted that search and retyped: {will having a glass of wine deform or kill my baby}
final outcome: enjoying a well deserved glass of wine


shampooed Ladybug's hair again tonight with lice shampoo and, NO, i don't want to talk about it.


maybe i watched a Bad Girls Club marathon on oxygen and spilled apple juice on the tile two times while Sam napped instead of doing something productive. so. sue. me.


cadence dropped a candy cane in the bathtub while she was bathing {pre-shampoo} and then wiped it off with her bathwaterlogged fingers and stuck it back in her face. i almost said, ick, but i was too tired.


oh my, this is my 99th post and I totally just wasted it telling you a bunch of random crap. i guess i should plan something spectacularish for number 100.


just squirted my face with breastmilk. that's what i get for being curious. and alone.


don't tell anyone i watched trash tv today. thanks.


JG said...

I wont tell anyone. I love you.

Kacie said...

I have the same response I have to all of your posts, "Haha, awwwww" And I am contemplating your diet...Sounds good to me!

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...


You should definitely try chocolate covered {insert food of choice here}. My husband recently saw a recipe for candied-bacon fudge and almost had a heart-attack just reading the recipe. I'm totally going to try it. It can't be bad if it has bacon AND chocolate.
And he's insured, so ...no worries.