Thursday, December 31, 2009

You missed me, SAY IT!

Okay, so the big holiday is all over and my house is almost back to it's usual self. The bins of Christmas swag are stacked neatly in the garage waiting for JG to put them up in the attic until next year and the new "stuff" has almost all found it's place in our home. And since we made a bargain with Ladybug about Christmas gifts this year, the bedroom cleanup is on the schedule for tomorrow. For every single toy that came in the house (even the tiny ones), a toy is leaving her bedroom to make a place for it. That's a pretty good plan, if I say so myself. And I just did. We'll see what happens.

for now everyone is still pretty happy

In other news, I have been Wii "fitting" every day since we got the system this week and I am truly surprised how different I feel. And by different I mean- my butt hurts. And squatting to pick up a dropped anything is almost life-threatening. But in a good way. Like, I might even be able to touch my toes again in a few months here. I'm feeling sore, but bendy. I did a double-take when the BMI meter stopped right in the normal region. I am only 1.3 points off of being at my ideal BMI. This only is totally shocking to me because I am still about fifteen or so pounds heavier than I was before I got pregnant with Sam. So...does that mean I have been living most of my adult life (dare i say it?) underweight??? It can't be. But maybe it's these bodacious boobs I have lately. I swear they weigh three pounds a piece. I tried to Wii jog the other day (don't judge me) and had to put on two sports bras to keep from giving myself a bloody nose.

So I've been absent from blogger for a while. It's a combination of things keeping me away. The incredibly cute six month old baby snoozing in the room next-door, for one. And the big girl is getting bigger and needing me a little less, which frees up more time for projects around the house and surfing the web for things I want to be able to make, but don't have the time because I'm constantly surfing the web for things I want to be able to make. *sigh. See?

Oh and if I didn't mention that I was participating in The Great Interview Experiment (Returns)it's because I have some regrets about signing up. Mostly because after reading the blog I was assigned to "cover", I conked out like Tiger Woods on Ambien and devoured a plate of fruitcake. Luckily, I didn't die OR have sex with a Perkins waitress and my own interviewer was just hilarious and interesting enough to make it all worth giving a go.

You can view the interview I "starred in" over at Growing Up Kaitlyn. James is funny and smart and overall a more interesting person than some people. Most, actually. So pop over and enjoy us and our hilarity as we cross blogger streams with our keyboard/proton-packs.

And tomorrow, I will be posting my own interview of Blogess JQBrat. If you plan on returning for that buttery nugget... have a double shot of espresso before you click. We'll all be needing it.


The Panic Room said...

incredible Christmas outfits. Just incredible. Maybe in 2010 you will actually hang out with us :)

Octohawk said...

your kids are lucky they both got your pretty eyes :)

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Doh. I have a hard time finding time to do all the stuff I want to do. I'll put "hang out with friends" higher on the list for this year.

Cross my heart.

JG said...

@Octowhawk - do you know what the fathers pretty eyes look like? hmmm?

steph does have pretty eyes.

Mo said...

Oh you're just too sweet. So sweet I think you crap sugary nuggets. Glad to have you back in the world of Blogger. Now if I could only nail down some time, myself