Saturday, January 2, 2010

Auld Lang Syne

I was pouring drinks on Thursday night because nobody wanted to work that shift and I have a hard time severing ties with the old faithful bartending gig. I looked up from a row of Royal Flush shots just as the crowd in the bar cheered a wimpy little cheer and then got back to the business of washing down 2009. Was that it? The time on the cash register confirmed the passing of another year and I suddenly felt sad. Not sad for the year's end, but sad for myself. Sad for being away from the people I love because I can't let go of the person I used to be. And of course the next several months worth of writing the wrong date on checks. 

I wake up on the rare morning after a night at the bar and I feel old. And tired, of course. JG looks at me with eyebrows raised and asks me why I keep going back when I don't need to anymore. My friends are there, the extra money is nice, i don't get "out" much anymore, and so on. But it's all a bunch of crap. Sure the money part isn't all bad. But, he's right when he says we're just fine without it. As for the friends part, I think I know that I'm holding onto something I only wish was more meaningful. If you have to go to work to see your friends, maybe they are co-workers. And customers. 

my "spot"

Bartending was sweet to me for a long time. I know my husband because I worked there. I have had two children over my employment there and was fortunate enough to be warmly welcomed back after each sabbatical. But it's not who I am anymore. Long nights and late mornings. It doesn't make me happy like it used to. Maybe because I have outgrown it. Or because I know a different happiness here with my family that can't be compared with the dark, smoky friends of a past life. I've squeezed all the good things I can out of that place and time. Now what's left is sort of dry and unfulfilling.

So maybe 2010 will mean a new leaf turned for me. Maybe I can finally put that part of my life in a little box and send it floating down the river, so I can stop feeling pangs of regret after too long nights and too long drives to a place my past smiles fondly on. Here's to hoping I can remember this post the next time my boss shows up on caller ID.

Happy New Year, bloggy friends.


Deborah said...

Cross the threshold and close the door to see what wonderful things await you on the other side; things you cannot know until you shut the past behind to embrace the future ahead.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Thanks, Aunt Deb. Missed you Christmas.

Mme Paulita said...

I know how you feel girl. It's funny how you think that is what you want, but you realize you don't. My kids were gone for 4 days and D and I did not go out at all. Had no desire! We enjoyed spending the day in our pjs and watching movies. I say we make a night and go out...enjoy it from the other side.