Wednesday, January 13, 2010

planting the seed of accountability

The weekends do it to me every time.  We get lazy, or busy doing fun things that create little areas of chaos in the house and we feel like it's okay to {leave it} because today starts with an eSS.  And then we start something else. Somewhere where there isn't already a mess and the whole thing just keeps going and going until it's Monday morning and I have a shitstorm of crap in my way and no clue where to begin putting it all back where it belongs.

Of course, I can't blame anyone.  Most of it is my fault.  I try all week to keep order at the homestead by cleaning up after myself and the family and doing my part in pieces that won't drive me to the brink of domestic insanity.  I do a pretty good job of it, I think.  But the weekends are when I let go of the reigns and smack the havoc horse on the ass.

This morning I would like to extend a little invitation into the debacle that is my home.

*Mother in Law, your refrigerator is running. Really, go check.

Okay, here we go.

Photo number one is of my kitchen.

It doesn't look so bad, you're thinking.  Well, you're blinded by the baby. Here, let me draw you in a little closer and take away the cute.

Okay. Here you get a good feel for it. Notice a few things:
*half of a bagel with cream cheese {i am dieting. this is still on the plate}
*open wallet and mail scattered about {filling out forms for new money market account}
*favorite coffee mug with coffee in it {nuff said}
*bowl of baby cereal and fruit mixed up {see cute mess below for further details}
*computer {mornings are for facebook and blogger}
*fancy and convenient computer stool {i have another if you're interested}
*random cups and silverware scattered about {these are not mine}

Family Room:

* hangers {i ironed one thing yesterday. it took me thirty minutes.}
* breast pump on couch next to bra, shirt, remote
* dog on dog quilt
* toys on baby quilt
* quilt on couch {let's just call this the quilt room}

What I'd like for this room is a rug. But JG says I can't have one because I go through rugs like underwear.  Sorry, but as soon as a dog or cat barfs on one, I toss it. *ick and ew

The "Library": {see the books?}

* clean laundry folded on table
* clean laundry slung over couch
* diaper bag {so-so-made curtsy}
* uno cards {see below}

Sam likes to play Uno in the mornings.  It relaxes him. Note the lump under the rug. This is Chutes and Ladders.  I don't know why it's under the rug.

Also: If you're keeping count, we have three couches. I'm a couch hoarder. There, I said it. 

Breakfast {Nook}

This is actually more of an art area for Ladybug.  We hardly eat in here anymore since I spruced up the fancy dining room.
*markers/paper/crayons etc.
*rain boots {essential for making art}
*dog head cone {wtf?}
* high chair tray {i said it was a breakfast nook!}
*books etc. on shelf
* oldest plant I've ever had on table {jg gave it to me in 2004}

Fancy Shmancy Dining Room:

* camera paraphernalia {thanks to JG's dad}
* business end of a sock elephant {i will finish YOUUUUUU}
* place mats & table cloth {i.e dining stuff}
* daisies and spray painted baby pumpkins {because seasons should be friends}
* school papers {homework and eating happen simultaneously sometimes}

Okay, so that's most of it.  I really should take photos of the bedrooms because they are in really bad shape.  But this whole posting photos and making my blog more bells-n-whistleyer is taking more time than I imagined and as you can see I really should be cleaning up the place instead of blogging right now.  So. Adieu. Parting is sweet sassafrass.  Especially when you're parting to clean house.

*as promised: Cuteness Payoff

in clown pajamas and apple cereal.

Have a super day, people. And thanks for sticking with me!


birdlime design and photography said...

i laughed out loud, honestly. three times.

morning sam, you look ever so cute today.

Mme Paulita said...

its really not that bad. Sam is adorable

Mandy's Kidding said...

It really isn't that bad. I think it's what my house usually looks like before I know someone's coming over.

Miranda said...

I hope this makes you feel better: My house looks like that during the S'days too!!! We love to go out and about...BUT it ends up WAAAAY WORSE then your home.

Sam is the cutest little guy ever! :)))

By the way, your home is so nice and cozy.. I love it!

fine little mess said...

love the little guy, and the place. looks very very sweet! xo