Friday, January 22, 2010

...not without my broadsword!

I have a long weekend ahead of me.  Ladybug only had three days of school this week with the MLK birthday and a teacher work day today.  I am looking forward to spending some time with my sis-in-law, Jens and her two doll-faces who are visiting from Jacksonville this weekend.  Hoping to squish a little big-girl fun in with her since we don't ever {ever} do that.

Since I may not get back here during the next few days, I thought I'd leave you with a little of what I think I might start calling:  

T-Man: We got our marble party today.
Ladybug: No, fair! We get ours in 100 days...wait. Ten days. 
T-Man: 100 days! That's like one million. 
Ladybug: No, I meant ten. In ten days it will be 100 days of marbles.
Me: Um. Tell me about these marbles.
T-man: When you do good things you get a marble for the class and then when you get a full jar of marbles you get a party.
Me: Do you ever lose marbles? Because that happens to me all the time...

Ladybug: What did you have for your party? We voted for popsicles.
T-man: Hot coco. It was soooo good. Mine had ten marsh-
Ladybug: shhhhhhhhh! T... listen. Do you hear that?
T-man: What? I don't hear anything.
Ladybug: Is someone...sword-fighting?
   At this point it is important for me to describe the look of seriousness/confusion on my child's face when I looked in the rear-view mirror.  Think of the face you made when you heard about Obama's Peace Prize.....{continue}. 
T-man: Oh, yeah. I hear it. Where are they, though?

Me: I think you hear the guys hammering that stuff on the side of the road. It sounds sort of like sword fighting.
T-man: {deflated} Oh, yeah. That is what it is.
Ladybug: Ohhhhhh.

  {long, sad pause}
Ladybug: Sword-fighting would've been better.

Hope your weekend's super... 


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Deborah said...

That is one of my all time fave pix. And tho she may have been in school clothes at the time she was ready for a sword fight. The super lives inside in spite of the costume.

Regina said...

Im loving tales from the backseat. There's nothing better than eavesdropping on your childrens conversations. You totally have to listen with caution sometimes!