Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sure, i'll watch your kid. right after i swing by the pharmacy and pick up my post-partum depression pills

For the past few days I have been clicking my blog link here and there just to see the sweet photo of JG staring at my earwax shooting love lasers into my head.  I know you all are sickened by the off chances I post something completely out of character and not at all cynical.  So, "good" things must come to an end and to erase the memory of the lovey-dovey syrup-sticky stuff I posted about my husband and love... here's some real shit for ya.

today ladybug said, {do monsters exist or are they just pretend}
and i said, {just pretend}
and t-man said, {no, they exist if god makes them exist}
and i said, {but who makes god exist}
and then it was quiet.

later they were playing in the driveway with the nutty kid from the cul-de-sac and they came inside because they heard a noise and got scared.
and i was like, {that's just other kids.}
and they were like, {but they're cry-ing}
and i was like, {that's because god made monsters exist and the monsters are eating them}
then i closed the door to the garage and came back in here to blog this.

Who says I'm not maternal? 


Miss Yvonne said...

Wow. You're like a mix of brutal honesty and total craziness. I love you.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

well, miss yvonne... thank you. it's the closest thing to "balanced" i have achieved.

Octohawk said...

hahahaha god knows the things i'll say to my future child.
i had to keep ryan's kids plus one alive last night for like 30 minutes by myself. i learned that i can't juggle a crying baby and a beer at the same time, and decided i am very much not "there" yet.

Dinners & Dreams said...

Your blog is cool, Stephanie. I just found it and love it already.


Mme Paulita said...

lol...I am constantly being told not to tell the children that

Regina said...

i've been stalking your blog waiting for the next blog to post. Can you give me your usual blogging schedule so i know when to check back, i haven't caught on to the pattern yet.

yours truly,
your stalker friend ;)

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Regina. I'm a ninja blogger. You're always watching your back for another blog and when you finally give up and stop clicking on my link....
New post.

Sorry. It's just how it is.