Saturday, January 2, 2010


Once upon a Saturday, there was a gal who sewed a dog out of a sock because the little girl that was usually around tugging her sleeve and asking for gum every five minutes had gone to her dad's house. 

meet Urliss

don't be shy, Urliss

Urliss was quite embarrassed to be nude in front of the Lady {and the camera}, so he tried to hide behind Shirley.  The resulting photo is of Urliss' brown fanny.  So the Lady did what any bored woman with a sewing machine and a few minutes of quiet time would do and made Urliss a turtle-neck.

argyle suits Urliss, wouldn't you say?

He was most satisfied and promised not to poop cotton stuffing on the rugs or chew on Barbie feet, so the Lady also fashioned a hat for him.  

oh, Urliss

As the finishing touches of his ensemble were being completed, Ladybug arrived home. With only one foot in the door she started begging for gum.  Oh, and Urliss. 


 the end

* tomorrow the Lady might need to make Urliss some knickers.



maryanne said...

Your dog is adorable! Any chance you'll post a tutorial?

The Panic Room said...

aww you made Tessa a little dog toy how adorable!!! You are really too sweet.

Octohawk said...

fucking adorable. i want you to be my mom.

Jenny said...

cough it up, sis. i want it. and maybe one for my girlies to share. ;)

Megameghan said...

Wow, did Urliss pop a sock poopy out on your table? I'm trying to figure out what the poor thing did wrong right before that last violent photo was taken?

Megameghan said...

P.S I imagined you speaking with an old lady voice the entire post.