Thursday, January 7, 2010

Role Model-citizen

Tonight while I washed chick-pea curry out of a pan, further worsening my case of dishpan hands, JG {helped} Ladybug with her homework. Aww. Sweet. I know! He watched her as she connected pictures of things with a semi-straight pencil line to their corresponding number. Sometimes he reminded her to count twice and check answers. She gave herself a "doh" and bonked her head with her hand on only on one occasion that I could hear over the running water and garbage dispose-all.
They finished math and went onto reading. Her {Partner Practice} booklet was unfolded neatly on the kitchen table in front of her. JG sat next to her holding a pink pencil and using it as a pointer. The sounds started coming out as he poked randomly around the page.


He praised her after she whizzed through the first page.

him: Wow, Mommy. Are you listening to this?
me: Yeah. Sounds good. You're doing great, Ladybug.
her: *ch *sh *ck
him: Mommy, You should really listen. Can you hear her?
me: Ummm. I can't hear so well over the scrubbing and water running.
him: Turn off the water for a second and listen to what a great reader she is.
me: okay. go ahead.
her: *fff *uuu*ck *ck *ck
him: {shit-eating grin}
me: very good, Ladybug.

{very funny, daddy. you're banned from partner practice.}


JG said...

She had no idea. Neither of us laughed at all and I had her on to the next sound before you even realized what I had done... if hadn't been for that pesky shit eating grin on my face.

Stone Fox said...

that's awesome! how did you NOT laugh?

Jenny said...

What a trouble-maker. :) BigGirl does the EXACT same D'oh! and bonks her head too! Cracks us up!

The Panic Room said...

I will have to remember that one. Thanks JG :)

Mme Paulita said... favorite paper I have of Miss A is when she wrote the sentence I have a lot of penises (I have a lot of pencils)

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Oh, Mme.... I can only dream such a thing will happen at the Gresham house. I hope you have it framed and "hung" proudly.

Mo said...

I so would have laughed. Maybe even soiled myself a bit. Props JG

JG said...

So the only reason I was able to hold in my laughter was because the little lady is sensitive and assumes any laughter she doesn't understand, is about her.

ps - my word verification is, "stinibil".