Wednesday, February 10, 2010

this isn't what you think

Okay, so I just counted. And between my last post two weeks ago and today... I have started and abandoned nine attempts. NINE. That's like... almost ten. So, you see. I have been trying. It's just that I've been surprisingly successful at other things lately. Like sewing and doing laundry. {Yes, you can be successful at doing laundry. Just smell ask my husband's underpants.} It was hard for me to find that feeling I get from blogging after finding it in other places recently. Where I usually sit down and hide from domestic responsibilities behind my laptop, those little places have provided an odd and comfortable mood. I disappeared for a while. Sam had Roseola this weekend, Ladybug had wayyy too much homework for a kindergartener, Jed was busy wearing bow-ties to work presentations and I was sitting back, watching and enjoying my family. Well. I didn't enjoy the speckled baby part, but the rest was nice. What I do want to say is thanks. For those of you who sent me emails and notes asking for another post. That was nice. I mean. I'm sure this isn't what you had in mind, but hopefully I can reassure you that I'll be back. Meaning. I'm not really back. I'm just letting you know I'm still alive. And stuff. This week I have to make valentines, cuddle babies, and make warm comfort food for my husband. When the sewing machine stops beckoning me and the dutch oven is empty, I may touch a little on these nearly substantial entries that almost made it up... 

T-man, A Biography 
Jumping Through Hoops for God 
News Flash: I'm Not Perfect 
My Jen is Better than YOUR Jen
Fest Briends
The Puked Poop Puke (because it's just not like me to omit this story)

I know. I'm all over the place.  Just another reason for me to go back into hiding for a bit until I get myself together.  But... I have asked JG if he'd like to be a "guest" and write a little something to toss-up here in the interim. I've promised not to correct his grammar and only kept a few topics off limits.  Trust me- you don't want to know.  {he has like NO limits} 

So. This is the end for now.  Maybe you'll come back in a few days to find I have become bored with domesticities (so-so-dictionary word) and slathered my blog with some more shtick once again.  Until then...


Christine--RHP said...

sure we'll be back! enjoy reality!

Jens said...

What's up with that? Domesticities is totally a word...isn't it?

Mme Paulita said...


birdlime said...

first off.. My Jen is Better than YOUR Jen-- i challenge!
second ..The Puked Poop Puke--i'm dying to read whatever this entails!

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

you're right, jens. i'll never listen to blogger spell-check again.