Tuesday, February 23, 2010

this was just supposed to be a video

Today I am seriously busy. I'm simultaneously waiting for my husband to call with news about our possible move to another state this summer, I'm NOT text messaging since I went over my limit for this month because my sister in law has a blackberry and communicates non-stop with her fingertips to me about our upcoming NYC trip umpteen times a day (and maybe I text back), and I am also taking photos of Sam unrolling entire rolls of toilet paper and having parties in my food pantry.

So you see, I don't have time for a real blog post today. In fact, the only reason there are even words making sentences on this post today is because I'm waiting "in line" at Vimeo for a video to hurry the eff up and become available. Just another thing I'm doing that make me too busy to actually write a really real blog post about relevant topics or politics or pubic hairs and things.

Speaking of relevance, has anyone been watching the Olympics? I seriously thought curling was for uber-geeks and ugly dudes, but last night these guys kinda sorta gave me a lady boner.

Okay, the one in the middle is kinda homely, but I would so get bizzy go out with the one on the left and maybe the one on the right if I was drunk enough.

JG and I were watching this super weird game in bed and he was all "strategeries involved la la la" and "kinda like billiards" and I was like, "shh the cute one's doing that lunge thing again..."

And oooh, my video is done!

do yourself a favor and mute the video. i sound like a cat being fed to a kimodo dragon. i can't help it.

Mother of the Year from stephanie gresham on Vimeo.

Don't report me. I didn't open any beers for him. I'm saving that right of passage for his tenth birthday. It's imperative that you click on that link there. Especially if you're my mother in law or anyone who has the power to arrest me.

Watching that video gave me a craving for rice crispy treats. Must open marshmallows. Really? It's "mallow?" Do I have to say mallow? It's mellow. I won't say mallow.

Is it 3:30 yet?


Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

komodo dragon. whatever. big lizard thing eats tiny baby kitties.

Mme Paulita said...


and wtf on a move to another state? I guess it doesn't matter, what with our internet relationship and all. It better be a cool state

Tony said...

Marshmallows AND beer?! Your kid is a genius! I shall try that when I get home from work...

And I was bashing on curling with a coworker today, and he got all kinds of mad. I guess curling is a pretty extreme sport in his book. He told me how he used to curl or whatever, and he slipped and broke his femur or something. Yikes.

Miss Yvonne said...

I can't believe today is the first day I've seen the phrase "lady boner". You should get an award for using it. It's that awesome.

p.s. I have a lady boner for the dude in the middle of that picture. Just because I feel bad for him being surrounded by cuter boys.

Megameghan said...

This reminds me of "whisky" the first word I taught Cadence. I see you have become more laid back since the first child. You weren't too happy with your one and something year old being words away from creating a popular beverage at bbq bar.

And ah, the sarc marc. We invented that.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

We DID invent the sarcmark, Meghan. We could be rich right now. *sigh.

Regina said...

Looks like "Sam-ster" knows whats good! Miller lite (can) and marshmellows. I want to hang out with that kid sometime, wait.. that sounds wierd.. he seems like a cool kid :)

anymommy said...

They are cute (the curlers) in that alternative, maybe curling is a sport afterall kind of way. Your little trouble maker is adorable. And according to my husband, he has great taste in beer.

Just Jules said...

alright - I love you! the end. the video sealed the deal. ;) being a mom of four - it is those moments that you just have to lay on the floor and giggle

Vodka Logic said...

Hysterical. I wonder how marshmallows would be with vodka.. lol

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