Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I promise not to resort to uploading Ladybug videos and passing them off as posts...

Q: Why use a whole shopping cart at the grocery store when all you're buying is milk?

A: Because actually carrying your purse around the store is too much of a hassle and you might need some extra room for the stuff you tell your husband you found "on sale". (really, honey, no store has that much stuff on sale all the time)

And here's a video for Meghan... she was asking me about some new moves for the dance club scene downtown.

That's about $770 worth of dance lessons this year.


Megameghan said...

I just sent this to pauly crush. He loves the idea of store front dancing and is now looking into a new night called Target Tuesdays.

The Panic Room said...

that looks familiar. could have used some more back-up singing from you.