Wednesday, April 22, 2009

midnight pretzel-snacking post

It's actually cheating because I was bored enough to go back over my ancient livejournal posts and swipe this one from the goody-bag. It makes me feel happy.

What: Drive Home
Where: VW Passat Wagon
How: In seatbelts, with sunglasses on.
When: 4:30 PM Monday
Who: see below cast
Why: Because I don't live at work
and Nobody else wants to take
Cadence home from school with them.

Cadence: Mommy, I love you. (lovely)

Me: I love you, too Lulu. (Loo-loo is her nickname. it just is.)

Cadence: And I love Daddy and Jed.

Me: They love you, too. Everyone loves you. (truest thing)

Cadence: And I love Raven and Pickles and Boone and the fish, too.

Me: (this is getting boring, but I play along...) Even the smelly pets!?

Cadence: Yes. And I love my grandmas. (she has 3)
And I love Eric and Sarah. (even our next-door-neighbors get a piece)
And I love Mama Judy and Pops. (jed's fam)
And Jenny and Emma and Jeff and Baby Laura. (jed's fam)

Me: (Yawn..) Uh huhhh.

Cadence: And I love big Laura, too. (petite with bangs. you know her. not technically "big".)
And Meghan. (bangs, again. blonde.)
and I love Ketan. (bangs. bangs, but he COULD use a new look)

Me: (note to self: call my friends more)

Cadence: And I love BIG Chris. (technically "big".twenty-feet tall. roughly.)
And I love little Chris with lots of hairs in his beard. (hilarious. as if he were an elf.)

Me: You have lots of love.

Cadence: Yeah.
Can I have a fruit snack when we get home? I love fruit snacks.

You all should be proud to be ranked up there with the My Little Pony-shaped fruit snacks. It's a serious honor.

Anyway. This is how it went. The best five-minute drive home in quite a while.
If you're not on the list.


Maybe next time.

Just remember...I still love you.

And now I think I should try to go to sleep.

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