Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chalkboard Paint- 1.....So-so Steph: 0

Today is a picture-post day. The fun keeps rolling on in and I'm not going to sit here too much longer and give the day a chance to catch up with me and slow me down. So. Here's what we did on the last day of Preschool...

This is what Ladybug looks like on her last day of preschool.
(And that up in the right corner is what old dog's butt looks like on the same day.)

The next series of photos is something I like to call "being stuck on the floor in Ladybug's room surrounded by needy pets and a pile of dress up stuff"

Boone Came First

Doesn't he look ravishing in this Ariel wig?

After seeing what a lovely mermaid Boone made, Chope begged me to try it on her stinky noggin.
And who am I to deny a Chope one request to be beautimous? Especially after I buzzed her hair off in giant clumps with the clippers a few weeks ago...

(I think it looks better on Boone.)

At this point, I believe Cadence got bored with my fashion show and started playing My Little Pony. The ponies were making out in the corner and I was trying to get someone to find me a brush.

And since the cat has a pea-sized brain and pretty much lets me do whatever I want...


I finally got bored with the pet makeovers and started a new project in Ladybug's room.
We did a bang up job not getting goop on anything besides the five foot tall rectangle I taped off for the chalkboard paint and then I gave in to a request for Disney Channel and went outside to clean up the black paint mess.

Here's what happens when you spray a tiny paint roller with a high-powered hose nozzle.

And because people don't believe me that my maternity clothes don't fit anymore...(remember: the camera adds forty pounds...)

(ugh. I have no shame.)

There you have it. If I can't get these black speckles off me in the shower I may be coming up with a few more fun tricks to keep me busy in the privacy of my own home.

Happy Summer.

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