Friday, May 15, 2009

so-so sorry

I was going to try and put off posting again because the last thing JG did before he left the house this morning was mock me for whining about my wrists and arms hurting- which I think is caused by a mild pregnancy-related case of carpal tunnel.

Wait, the LAST thing he did before he left was kiss me and all that gushy stuff, but that doesn't give me any sort of excuse to be so long between blogs....

I have probably scribbled down a dozen or so little snippets of things I meant to write about over the week, but they are all on the back of Target receipts and paper napkins wadded up and lost at the bottom of this weeks purse (the white one from Canal St. summer '08). Don't worry, if any of them were worthy, I'd be wowing you with my literary prowess right now instead of posting a photo of myself wearing skirts for shirts and trying to NOT zombie-out to Tom Bergeron on America's Funniest Home Videos.

FYI: I look like a baby pterodactyl when I complain about my arms hurting.

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