Monday, August 3, 2009

Feeling Posty

Sam is napping in the swing and I have a billion things I could be doing to make the house more like a human residence and less like an animal shelter, but I haven't logged into blogger in quite some time and it's as good an excuse as any...

Time's flying by. Sam has more than doubled his birth weight, which only make sense since I I'm spending my days shirt pulled up or off, fingers crossed, and Sam's tiny little gulping noises filling my ears. Weeks ago JG and I marveled at the fact that my boob was dwarfing his little noggin and today my baby has a good Double D sized cranium. He's really growing before our eyes and it kind of reminds me of that Roald Dahl story "Royal Jelly" about the tiny baby who is fed the super bee nectar and starts turing into a bee. He's growing like my boobs make royal jelly. I'll keep you posted on the bee part...

I dared to venture out to Target for a few things on Friday and practically needed a shoe-horn to get the little turkey into his car seat. I had to remove the puffy baby things that came velcroed in it already.

And now I'm torn between being happy that he's over the newborn, noodly phase where he cries and I cry and try to figure out what he wants and being sad that he seems to be changing overnight. I want it all to slow down. Just a bit. So I can soak it all in and make sure all these images and moments of our new family member get properly labeled and organized in my brain. I don't want to forget any of it. Not the nose barf or the poop-up-the-back. Not the first smile or the bottom lip that comes out when I take him off my breast to burp him. (He's sooo hungry all the time!)

He's precious. And it's awesome being his mom.

I'm so lucky he's stuck with me forever.


JG said...

That's my favorite picture of him... and I think it's so funny that it came from the poop up the back pictures.

I want to capture a couple of things on camera so I can watch them forever. Here's the short list:
- his face when we give him that gas medicine
- his bottom lip when he says, "waaaaaa"
- the post sneeze, laugh sound
- the half asleep stretchy face where he raises his eye brows as high as he can without opening his eyes

Sarah said...

He is so precious Stephanie! Sounds like everything is going great :)

Mme Paulita said...

you weren't kidding about that bottom lip