Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So my promise to make more stuff and do more stuff has led me a short distance from my computer. I have deliberate gumption to spend more time on the things that make myself and my family reek of gladness. Hard work, but there's a balance to it and I'm slowly finding the repose I was hoping for.
Since my last post about drinking coffee I have played umpteen-hundred games of charades with Ladybug and Jed, washed my feet before getting into bed every night, lost my little dog, found my little dog, and dismantled a $3 chair with a severe intent on making it spectacular. Of course the less whimsical stuff happens, too. Ladybug's cough is just a cough according to the pediatrician. Sam's head is less patchy and more "fuzzy" now and my husband and I are getting used to sleeping in a bed that fits the entire family (pets and all).
I've focused a ballpoint pen down on paper to write things down that are a little less real. My blog is in a funk right now and I feel like I'm cheating by toting my notebook around. Secret creativity love.

Thanks to Sam, I also read The Great Gatsby again last week. During two separate naps. Paperbacks are for needy-babies' mamas. I have a stack next to the rocker handy for his next snooze marathon. It's hard to put down that darling boy when he's being so....quiet. I'm savoring every second because I know the movin-n-shakin days are creeping up on me ninja-style.

In other news,
I would be thrilled to see Fall actually come this year. Maybe asking for a real winter is too much. Dear Mother Nature, Florida here and we're still really hot. Any possible chill coming soon? We like to wear tights and scarves down here, too y'know.

I'm still on a passive search for a new/old lens for my vintage Minolta. It's on the wanna have list, so maybe like the rest of the stuff I secretly wish for it will make its way into my hands at some point when I least expect it.

Well. This is turning out to be one of those boring catch-up posts. Just like I was hoping to avoid. Maybe next time, I'll be bold enough to slap some of my fiction-in-progress on the page and offer a taste of the other stuff. If you're in the area, you can pick up a copy of Drink magazine in November and see a little nugget my bar tending alter-ego wrote about getting served in crowded bars. Or if you can't wait, stop by the Bar BQ Bar on Saturday and probe me for my secrets in person. I'll be making guest appearances there now and then to remind my friends how they ever lived without me these past ten months.

The. End.

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