Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Cakes



You’re so good at pointing and dancing it makes me jealous.  Happy Birthday.  I love you to pieces.


















Christine--RHP said...

awwwww. beyootiful!

Joy said...

What a handsome boy! Wish I looked so good with chocolate all over my face. Might make me quit closet-eating.

Stone Fox said...

oh my GOD that baby is CUTE. why are babies so fucking cute all the time? (probably so they don't get eaten by their mothers.)

is that your daughter? because she looks older than 5.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

@Christine: thank you very much. i had to leave out a photo of myself because i have poison ivy face. (post to come)

@Joy: come out of the chocolate closet. i had cake for dessert, dinner, and breakfast this morning. chocoholics UNITE!

@StoneFox: My sister in law WAS trying to eat him in that one shot. He is is delish.
And YES, that's ladybug. She's going to be seven in September. Going on twelve, of course. She has been practicing her eyeroll and her "mo-ommmmm" for the last year. Ugh.

My verification word is deder. I think that's the new word for weiner. "Your deder is bigger than my deder."

birdlime said...

now that looks like a successful party!

Luann Lee said...

such a cutie pie! happy birthday baby boy!

Molly said...

Wonderful pics. And as cute as your kids are, that pic of the black & white kitty with the spotty paper is tooooo divine :)

Big Mama Cass said...

Those are fantastic! LOVE THEM!