Saturday, July 24, 2010

who’s comin with me?

Everyone who has school-aged children raise your hand if you’re ready for summer to be over!  Nobody needs to know.  We’re all friends here.  Just be honest and raise your friggin hand.  C’mon DO IT. 

Is that everyone?  With the exception of my sis-in-law who is a teacher and has every right to want summer to keep going on and on and on for an eternity, you should all be raising your hands.

Okay. That’s everyone. Now. Everyone else who might be feeling judgy or {*tskY} today can just go away because I’m not talking to you and I really don’t need you reading this and shaking your head at me and feeling bad for my kids. 

I’m a good mom. <------   it is written and so it must beeee.

I’m just kind of over the can I have?? and the where’s my….? and the you never….!  Don’t get me wrong.  These aren’t heat-induced behaviors.  In the fall we get some i don’t wanna’s and especially some who moved my stuff’s, but those are all squished neatly into predictable timeframes that I can wrap my coffee-ripened head around and deal with somewhat patiently.  And since Kindergarten I’m loving the eight hour stretch of question-free living.  Peppered, of course, with toothy requests from the little dude.

I know. Summer is not new to me.  I mean. We just finished Kindergarten, so it seems like I’d be fine with summer having survived about five of them (since being a mom) before this whole school thing started.  But now there are two kids.  And sometimes THREE.   Mind you, one of them is particularly hilarious and makes me pee-pants on a daily basis…



But as a whole group, they can be quite overwhelming and patience-depleting. 

**side note/question: Does anyone else have an issue with three o’clock? In the pm?  Because I certainly can feel three o’clock happening around here.  Something about the teeth grinding redness about the face tips me off.

I guess this is all part of my growing as a parent.  Learning to adapt. Letting go of the less important things certainly has helped, but looking forward to the new school year is what’s going to get me through these next three weeks without too many meltdowns.  Because I still have those.   More often than the children, quite frankly.  It’s just still going on.  Is it just me?  It can’t be.

You raised your hand, didn’t you?  Tell me about it.  I’d love knowing it’s not just me.


Mandy said...

Yeah, I'd like school to start so I can stop shelling out $200 a week for day camp! Free schooling rules! Though the nice thing about camp is that your kid never gets in trouble and you never get calls from the camp counselors. It's way more laid back in camp. Which makes me think that perhaps schools and teachers are way too uptight. (I say this as a former teacher myself.)

Regina said...

Omg! I am with you on this. I recently made an impulse decision and left my job! Since then, i have been spending the summer with my kids...which on most days excites me, but there are days where I want to pull my hair out. I am so over the "I want.. I want.. I want.." and when one wants, the other one wants..
Oh, and the "what are we doing today?" and "are we almost there?" and all of the demands. I feel like im a slave to my children! Not that I would trade it for anything, but I am looking forward to August 23rd.
Lets try and plan a get together before summers over!

Anonymous said...

Is there a mom that *doesn't* look forward to that? Sure, I could think of better things to do with $200 than take my kids shopping (massage, wine, shoes...) but still. Small price to pay for the peace and quiet and sanity!

JG said...

Ya know, the thing that makes this already hilarious picture even more ridiculously funny is the way he has his feet. I don't know why.