Friday, March 26, 2010

How ‘bout face punch?

Welcome to my first ever kind of tipsy blog post.  Sometimes I drink three glasses of “anniversary wine” and watch Twilight: New Moon while JG snores with his hand on Boone’s butt.  This is where I would try to post a photo of the actual hand on the dog butt, but I have a new manual focus lens and taking photos with the flash is bleh, so… imagine giant man hand on wussy dog butt.


Okay, so remember when you read Twilight and loved the part where Bella said Jacob was “beautiful”?  Yeah. Me, toooo.  We’re the sammeee.  Mostly.  Except maybe you don’t read Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass just for the part where the baby turns into a pig and there’s too much pepper in the shack. See? Oh lord.

If you know what’s good for you (and maybe don’t bring this up tomorrow when I’m hungover…)

Now that I am seriously not thinking about vampires and milky white skin and now there’s a wolf…shhh.  Ooh. More wolves. I spelled wolves right. Wow.  They ate the bad vampire and Kristen Stewart is being a kind of good actress. I mean. Since teenagers are so weird and fake anyway…. and all.  Okay. In the book, Jacob is naked more.  Like at least once.


( I love radiohead. This movie has great music.)


How do these wolves look so reallll? “Don’t do this, Bella.”

I have to go. This is embarrassing. And I can’t concentrate.


Tammie said...

i need to see this movie.

but i dont like jacob. im team edward all the way.

i looooooove tipsy blog posts.

i never blog tipsy, since most of my blogging is done in the morning, that would just be pathetic. but most of my blog commenting is done tipsy. wink wink.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Okay, Tammie. I was going to erase this before someone read it....

:) I'm so team Edward. Just because sucking blood is better than pooping in the woods.

Christine--RHP said...

now you sound like I did earlier!!!!

Will Burke said...

That was Awsome! You should definitely do that more often. For the record, I'm team don't-give-a-shit, though I agree with your not-pooping-in-the-woods logic.

Luann Lee said...

ok, now i don't feel like such a dork for adoring the twilight series books (although, i really disliked the first, i am hoping new moon is much better).

Just Jules said...

I have not read nor have I watched the movies - not sure I will but giggle at the dog butt / hand image!

Nishant said...
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