Sunday, March 7, 2010

take a picture, it'll last longer

the jumpin star (of doom)

I had a unicorn painted on the side of my face at a festival in Tampa when I was eight years old.  That's the one memory that bubbles up when I hear that the local fair is in town.  So when we arrived at the Central Florida Fairgrounds yesterday afternoon I was reminded of all the souvenirs lined up BEHIND the unicorn face paint that are less....spectacular.

Like portable toilets and long lines for incredibly short and shoddy fair rides.  Like little kids being screamed at by their sorry excuse for a parent.  Navigating a stroller through crowds of people wearing cutoff tee shirts and high heels.  {really? at a fair?}

So I took my camera to capture the oddities and the fun we were going to have {cross our heart and hope to die}, but it turns out  ghetto-fab babes wearing leopard print spandex want you to look at them, but don't you DARE take their picture.  

And my lens doesn't zoom in enough to catch the detail of every hillbilly hickey that tripped by wearing camo and a big johnson tee shirt. 

i love him in blue
you must be taller than Samson to ride
So I pointed the camera up. And zoomed in on the faces that were familiar and less....scary. We had more teeth than most folks sucking on corn cobs and corn dogs and playing corn hole. This is what came out of our afternoon.

flip-flop fair feet

token ferris wheel shot

fair skies


Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Why does blogger make it impossible to include photos in a post exactly the way you "picture" it? It took me forever to add these photos and it looks nothing like the preview.


jens said...

that's one reason i switched to Windows Live Writer. check it out. you'll never go back - i promise. :) love the pictures and i'm so glad you all had fun. as opposed to the unfun-ness it could have been.

Anonymous said...

People never believe me that Florida is a neck/hick/cracka state. Even after they see and talk to me. Go figure. It musta been a too chilly for the daisy dukes worn by people who the only business they would have wearing them would be to show without a doubt what body styles should never wear shortie britches of any length in public.

Mme Paulita said...