Thursday, March 4, 2010

Keeping it real-ly complicated. Doo-doo head style.

I'd like to start this post by saying that I really need to invest in one of those digital recorders to stick in my cup holder for the drives to and from school.  It really isn't safe for me to be making notes on the back of a bank statement from the glove box as these important discoveries take place in the backseat of my station wagon sports car.  Safety first. Incredibly humorous blog posts directly following. (say it!)

T- Can you marry your cousin?
Me- Uh....(remembering he's not technically MY child) No. You can't marry someone in your family.
LB- Which cousin do you want to marry?
T- Alex
LB- Is that a boy? Or a girl?
T- It's a girl. Duh. Boys can't marry boys.
(long pause)
Me-(remember the innocence!)  in some states they can. 
T- COOOOOL. That means I can marry Forrest!
Me- (backpedal backpedal backpedal) You'd have to move to another Vermont.
T- Oh. 
LB- Well. If you and Forrest were brothers you couldn't. 
(This much is true.)
T- But we're not.
Me- Why don't you and Ladybug get married, T? I mean, you are like BFF right? (OMG,LOL,IDK MYBFFJILL)
LB- Yeah.
T- (enthusiastically) Okay! Why didn't I think of that?
LB- What If I move to Virginia?
T- We'll have to fly in a plane.
LB- Will you come live with me in Virginia?
T- Yes. Or you can come live with me in Idaho. 
(WTF? Idaho?)
LB- Okay. Where's Idaho?
T- South.

And like that, it was over and we were onto less serious business like whether doo-doo head was a bad word.  

(which it's totally NOT)


Deborah said...

Do T's parents know he is planning an Idaho move?

jens said...

OK - next lesson is on arranged marriages. If you don't eat your peas and carrots and keep your room tidy, Mommy & Daddy can make you marry whomever we choose....heh heh heh

Miss Yvonne said...

I'm pretty sure you can marry your cousin in Idaho. Isn't their state motto "Anything Goes" or something? Or maybe I'm thinking of Nevada. I don't know, I'm not good at geography.

Mo said...

Based on that conversation, I think the next lesson should be geography. Besides, if you move to North Carolina you SO could marry your sister, cousin, uncle, dog, pet rock and (I think) your month old, note-riddled bank statements.

Daniel Dragomirescu said...

Interesting blog. Congratulations and good luck!
Daniel D. Peaceman

Sarah said...

*sigh* I loved that commercial.
Well done on the lesson. Well done.

Sarah P said...

P.S. I also keep a recorder with me. Originally, it was for work and other writing ideas. Eventually, it just became a rant recorder. Very therapeutic.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Ten bucks says Daniel Dragmlkuvisu didn't read a lick of my post.

congratulations? who says that?