Thursday, September 3, 2009

A post a day...

Making : believe I can see this "post-a-day in September" thing to fruition without changing the time/date stamp on one single post

Drinking : Starbuck's Breakfast Blend Half-Caff with sweet-n-low

Reading : the nutritional info on the side of my cereal box

Wanting : more time for the sewing projects I have in mind. Shirley is getting lonesome.

Looking: more like a mom and less like a bartender

Watching: dog burrow under blankets

Playing : house with Sam today

Sewing : a few gifts for upcoming birthday celebrations, but they're in varying stages of progress right now.

Wishing : my dogs had mute buttons

Enjoying : the toothless smile and puddin cheeks of our newest family member

Liking : my husband more every time I see him hold Sam

Planning : on a bunch of photo-posts and using "wordless wednesday" every chance I get this month

Wondering : if I can pull off this recipe for Ladybug's birthday party

Hoping : the guests at Cady's party come up with some cool superhero costumes

Marveling : at the fact that my husband's favorite snack is also my daughter's. cheddar goldfish.

Needing : to lose the rest of this pregnancy weight. apparently it takes longer the second go-round.

Smelling : cheddar goldfish

Wearing : a shirt that smells like Sam

Thinking : i have it pretty good

Feeling : happy


Sarah said...

I don't think I could make a post a day if I didn't post date stuff! That is the only way I can keep up to date on the blog!

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Haha, Sarah. I always feel like I'm cheating when I do that. But sometimes it takes me days to finish a post. Or longer.

Oh well. It's my blog. I'll do what I wanna.