Saturday, September 5, 2009

toot toot

Sometimes I wake up at seven on a Saturday morning and put finishing touches on gifties for girlies.

This set of woodland creatures finger puppets and carrying sack is for a wee friend of Ladybug's. She is turning five today and having an "old fashioned" birthday party. You know, ice-cream and sprinklers type. No theme or gimmick. Except for the old fashioned part, I guess. Anyway. I like the idea. Who needs to slave away and spend boo-coos of dough for a kid's birthday party?

Because it's an old-school style party I decided to make some gifts instead of just hand over a Barbie or some other store bought item that will be lost or tossed to the side once the luster is lost. Hopefully she's the type of kid who likes stuff made just for her...

*thanks to extremely masculine hand model/ husband

More info to come on Ladybug's party. She actually turned six yesterday and got her very own tee shirt to match her brother's, but I just am too procrastinaty to have a party on time and figured there might be more friends in attendance if we did it on a regular weekend instead of this holiday one. So next weekend is the one in which six or so of her little friends will be coming over to celebrate her awesome grown-uppedness. Photos on that topic to come.


Happy Saturday!