Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Wagon needs a Maid

Here’s a list of the stuff on the floor of my car.

one hundred “Morning O’s” give or take a million

one stuffed bunny covered in applesauce

two capri-sun straw wrappers

three capri-sun pouches (the ratio of straw wrappers to pouches is wrong and that’s just off-putting now, isn’t it?)

a bag of stuff belonging to a neighbor: pink beach towel, blue and purpley sparkle eye shadow in a blue plastic case. (i have very sophisticated neighbors)

tan sweater- because the heat index here today is 106, but I still GET COLD.

one freshly squeezed lime. freshness fading fast. (wtf)

five socks of varying sizes and colors

a severely bent Ikea umbrella

two empty coffee cups

one pacifier complete with human AND dog hair

two empty Buddy Fruit pouches (seriously, everything we eat does NOT come from a pouch. i promise.)

one Go-gurt pouch. (okay, MOST of what we eat doesn’t come out of a pouch.)

one broken headband- two pieces

one sippy cup with mystery drink inside-original date of freshness unknown.

three reusable grocery bags because i care about the Earff.

the field trip permission slip i looked hours for in February

barbie sunglasses

hanna montana sunglasses- those go with my um…jeans

a receipt from world market I wiped Sam snot on after a monster sneeze and no tissues

pack of tissues (doh)

sixty seven cents- no quarters

box of drammamine


Anonymous said...

I'll see your hundred Morning-O's and raise you 328 (approx.) pieces of Chex. And 3 dirty socks.

Miss Yvonne said...

I found an empty condom wrapper in the back of my car after my kid borrowed it one night. Yeah, he's never driving it again. Gross.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

@Crazy- what? no produce?

@Miss Yvonne- ewwwww. at least he didn't leave the condom behind. *gag

MaryAnne said...

Ikea sells umbrellas?

My car is pretty clean, but only because DH cleans it out on a regular basis as a father-son bonding activity...

McGillicutty said...

hahahahaaa... i have a huge 40 year old Barbie, numerous straw thingies off the capri sun pouches, a t-shirt, some gummy bears (eeww) and an invitation to a birthday party..... from Nov of last year!!!

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

@Maryanne- Yes. They wheel them out by the registers as soon as the sky turns dark...
And maybe I can suggest that to JG when Sam gets old enough to help do things. You know...besides clean out toy bins.

@McGillicutty- YOU WIN. Gummy Bears trump cereal and anything dated 2009 is a deal-breaker.

Tammie said...

im confused by the lime. were you making vodka tonics in your car?